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Nationwide PPE Task Force

Collaborating Efforts Nationwide to Stop COVID-19

We have a clear shortage of all types of PPE  (Personal Protective Equipment) for our front line, first responders, military, and vulnerable population in the wake of COVID-19.
Stop The Bug is coordinating and focusing efforts to get this PPE to our front line.

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Our homeless outreach gives PPE to shelters, sobriety clinics, indigenous communities, and vulnerable populations

Stop The Bug is comprised of:

  • Home Sewist Division 3,000+

  • 3D Maker Divison 175,000+

  • Manufacturers Divison

  • Homeless Outreach Division

  • Indigenous Outreach Divison

  • Collection and Nationwide Tier-Based Distribution



Medical, First Responder, and Military

Speciality Clinics, Senior Care Facilities, Police, Corrections, Isolation and Quarantine Units, Homeless shelters

Public Transportation, Social Services, Grocery Workers


We distribute PPE to all frontline, military, and first responders












"I am literally walking through the Covid floors in a bandana, because we have no more masks. We have doctors wearing scarves. It's horrible. We are all so scared. I'm immunocompromised myself, so is my son. I don't want to get sick, but I want to take care of my patients, too. I feel so upset."    Nurse, Covid Unit, Hospital in the Pacific Northwest

"Thank you all so much for helping us. You have no idea what it means knowing you all are out there working so hard to get us what we need. Thank you Stop The Bug!"    Infectious Disease Physician

"They have literally told us we are on our own, and it is up to us to source our own PPE. That's why I am calling you (at Stop The Bug)."    Fire Chief

"Huh. You think they care about us? They don't care about us. We are the bottom of the pyramid. I go on these calls and I think to myself, "Why are we doing this?" I don't want to get sick. I don't want to get my family sick. We get one mask to last us two weeks. Thank you for all of you are doing. We really appreciate it."    Sargeant, Police Department

"I'm just so scared. You saw what happened on the Theodore Roosevelt. They have ordered all the sailors to have masks, but they aren't providing them. Thank you so much for keeping my son safe. For keeping all these good sailors safe. That means so much to me, to all us Moms!"    Mother of Navy Seaman

*Names and locations have been removed to protect the identity of workers



"Our nurses in the Covid quarantine and isolation units are using 'dollar store' rain ponchos, because we've run out of PPE. Can you help us?"    


Charge Nurse, County Public Health Quarantine and Isolation Unit

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