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Our founder, Victory Lonnquist, has been working closely with Infectious Disease Experts, the Fire Department, City, State, and Federal Officials to determine best Covid-19 protocols. Combining her background in medicine with her experience as a first responder, our founder has been able to be a key part in these conversations.


We have also partnered with a local biomedical company to determine the negative and positive effects of different chemicals on Covid-19 and the body from an biomedical perspective. Our founder has met with top level scientists and has been briefed on tests with fine institutions such as John Hopkins University, University of Washington, the National Microbiology Lab of Canada Institute of Health, and much more. Tests conducted have looked at exposure, surface kill time, airborne trials, interleukin cascade response, and deep tissue studies of patients who have late stage Covid-19.


Most businesses are doing the best they can to prevent the spread of Covid. In some cases, the prevention is causing illness. Bleach, ammonia, quats, and other commonly-used chemicals during this pandemic can cause respiratory distress and long lasting ill effects on the health of staff and customers.


At Stop the Bug we believe that a combination of science and education are key elements for an effective to response to this pandemic. We are honoured to have worked side by side with so many key scientists, doctors, and the team from Medicine Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders for the last one months, helping organizations prepare and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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