Stop the Bug is coordinating a large outreach project to fulfill the needs of the tribal nations of the four corners. We are working with several members and hospitals of the Navajo nation, the general council of the Hopi tribe, and the 19 Governors of the Pueblo. Our main role is to coordinate efforts and get the tribes PPE, food, water, and water filtration kiosks for existing water supply. In Navajo nation alone, 40% are without running water. 

In quarantine and with some of these villages 3.5 hours from the nearest city or hospital, it makes basic essentials very difficult to obtain. Navajo nation is seeing their positive Covid-19 cases soar past the number for New York City. This requires a swift, efficient, collaborated response. As well as coordinating efforts, Stop the Bug is honored to partner with Doctors Without Borders on the ground distributing these supplies, and to be the source of PPE, water and food supplies throughout the four corners area.


We are honored to be working directly with Navajo tribal leaders, Pueblos, and other surrounding tribes in their request for masks. We are respecting tribal sovereignty and protocol in not listing some of the tribes who wish to stay out of public eye, and helping to support them privately.

We will continue to provide masks for our front line and first responders, and, we are looking to meet the needs of indigenous communities.

This greatly increases the “ask” from hundreds we have been seeing, to up to 250,000 masks. This creates much higher costs to reach these rural populations and distribute accordingly. For some of these tribes, the nearest urban location is 3.5 hours away. We are looking to see what options are available to us to do so.

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If you have contacts in the shipping, fiscal sponsorship, manufacturing, or fundraising world, we would greatly appreciate those connections to make this all possible. Please send an email to